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IDA knows everything about files
IDA 6.5 knows how to get info about files before adding them to the download list. IDA has also learned to detect filetype and category better. Now you can check downloads conveniently for viruses using the context menu. Do not forget to use it for each suspicious file! We have improved sectioning algorithm when downloading video and music at high speed, increasing significantly download speed from some sites. If you are using adding files using a mask, you could probably get some not existing downloads in the download list. Now these erroneous downloads can be automatically removed. We have fixed some bugs and increased download speed of individual files from ZIP-archives. HTTPS support in IDA has been also improved. We have added a number of new features, fixed found bugs and did our best to make IDA as good as possible. Install the newest IDA and download yet more files! more >>
Great and download experience
New Internet Download Accelerator 6.2 provides better download from HTTPS servers and video-services. We have added new connection types 100Mb/s+ and 1Gb/s+ for faster download and increased download speed while simultaneously downloading a large number of small files. History has been improved to prevent data loss if your PC reboots unexpectedly. Importing unfinished downloads with redirects has been reworked too. We have also made user interface easier to use and fixed a number of minor bugs. more >>
IDA 6.1 Faster and more secure
Now you can download files from sites with digest HTTP authentication as well as any HTTPS servers. Support for for secure HTTPS proxy servers has been added. Internet Download Accelerator 6.1 is now optimized for work on tablets and on multi-display configurations. We have also improved user interface, keyboard shortcuts and fixed a number of found bugs. more >>
IDA 6.0 now downloads better at 1+ GB/s
Internet gets faster and faster and now IDA can download at higher speed than that at which the file could be saved to the disk. In the new version we have improved performance when downloading at the speed of 1 GB/s and higher and fixed bugs if the data are going to be downloaded so fast that they could not be saved to the disk in time. To save files directly to the cloud services we have added Clouds category where you can see the currently installed cloud services. Also we have improved downloading from secured sites, downloading using mobile Internet, downloading from video services, free disk space calculation, clipboard links interception and many more. We have done our best to find and fix as many bugs as possible. Try out the new IDA version right now! more >>
Internet Download Accelerator 5.21 released!
Added integration with Google Chrome new versions. Improved Integration with Chromium engine based browsers. Improved video download from video-services. Improved HD video resuming. Improved downloading using HTTPS and a lot of another great new features added. more >>
Download FullHD & 4K video with IDA 5.19
Internet Download Accelerator can again download 4K and 1080p videos! Now yo can download the best quality videos from video services! We have also improved audio download: now you use less bandwidth and get better mp3-quality. We have improved downloading files using secure HTTPS protocol from the sites that support it, for example gmail, github, dropbox, bitbucket and many more. For your convenience we have simplified downloading videos which require authorization. We have also improved user interface to make it more easy to use and fixed a number of found bugs. more >>
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We have prepared the new IDA 5.17 for you. This version provides the updated Firefox plug-in with which you can download your favorite videos with one click. We have added more supported video sizes, made music download even simpler, improved integration into the contemporary browsers (Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer) and fixed a few annoying bugs. Download in the new year all you wish! more >>

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