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Download 180° and 360° spherical videos
The new IDA 6.24 has started downloading 180° or 360° spherical videos. Downloading video from video services in complex situations has been significantly improved. Default video codec option added. Also, fixed a bug when changing the video quality and selecting the optimal download format. The new version is already available on the site more >>
Download videos faster
In the new Internet Download Accelerator 6.22, we increase download speed of video services and add new sites from which you can download video. The processing and downloading of playlists have been improved. more >>
Download videos from any site
New Internet Download Accelerator 6.21 with increased download speed from video services is released. Added an opportunity to try downloading videos from any page and increased the number of sites from which the video is automatically downloaded. Video and music downloads from video services were improved. We fixed the error of merging of video and audio, and also an error with downloading of autotranslated subtitles. Also improved stability when downloading playlists. In addition, we improved saving last-modified date and fixed bugs. The new version is already on the site more >>
More playlists in IDA
A small update that improved the download of playlists and optimized reservation of the download list. more >>
Download vacation
Summer features were made for you: improved the download of video and music from video services, and if the video is not downloaded (blocked, deleted), the type of error is correctly reported. Fixed a bug with updating the portable version and a few minor bugs. Get updated. more >>
New video & music downloading
In the new Internet Download Accelerator 6.18 we restored the download of video and music from video services. For greater reliability, we added an additional backup for the list of downloads. For complete relevance, we have improved the update plug-ins and additional modules. Take away! more >>
Download more video
New Internet Download Accelerator provides the best video downloading. For your pleasure, we add export/import downloads to the * .txts file, which contains the paths to the files. Fixed duplication bug in Telegram-bot, fixed the bug when adding tabs to the file name and improved work with updates. more >>

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