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What Internet Download Accelerator can do for you

Download video and music
Download any files
Play video & audio files as they download
Highest download speed
Bakes delicious pies and brews tea - currently under development

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How to use Internet Download Accelerator. Five tips.

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Fair Buying Policy

  1. Pay once, and the license is valid for all versions and future updates of the Internet Download Accelerator.
  2. If you want, you can buy as many program licenses as you want to support development.
  3. There are no limitations on the program. Activating a license will not add new features, only remove the offers to buy a license. If you need something in the program, or something is not working correctly, then write to us, and we will try to implement and/or fix it.
  4. We can not guarantee that in the future all functions of the program will work because website and OS developers are constantly making changes in their products, but we will try to fix all bugs that occurred.
  5. We don't collect personal information and don't identify who and what download. It doesn't depend on program registration or not.
  6. Do not buy Internet Download Accelerator if you have problems with it or do not like it. Tell us what you want to improve.