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Version history

Version 7.1 - January 19, 2024
listBitTorrent support added (using third-party plug-in);
list.torrent files and magnet links association added;
listImproved video, music, and podcasts downloading;
listImproved work with MD5 checksums;
listBugs fixed.

Version 7.0 - August 21, 2023
listNew languages added;
listAdded activation option;
listAdded new versions of plugins;
listImproved video, music, and podcasts downloading;
listBugs fixed.

Version 6.27 - March 8, 2023
listFirefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge extension integration has been redesigned;
listAdded integration with Brave;
listImproved video, music, and podcasts downloading;
listImproved program stability;
listBugs fixed.

Version 6.26 - September 30, 2022
listAdded .m3u and .m3u8 playlists for download;
listAdded DASH download;

listImproved video, music, and podcasts downloading;
listIncreased number of sites for downloading videos;
listBugs fixed.

Version 6.25 - August 16, 2022
listImproved video download from video services;
listImproved speed and stability of downloading from video services;

listImproved HTTPS download;
listImproved integration;
listFixed bug with the first download from video services;
listBugs fixed.

Version 6.24 - May 18, 2022
listAdded option to set default video codec;
listImproved video download from video services;
listImproved downloading of panoramic videos (180° and 360°);

listImproved automatic selection of video in the absence of the specified format;
listFixed bug when changing video quality;
listBugs fixed.

Version 6.22 - November 22, 2021
listIncreased download speed from video-services;
listImproved video and music download from video-services;
listImproved playlists download;
listBugs fixed.

Version 6.21 - August 12, 2021
listAdded possibility to try downloading a Video from any page;
listAdded integration with Microsoft Edge;

listIncreased the number of sites from which videos are automatically downloaded;

listImproved downloading of video and music from video services;

listImproved speed and stability of downloading from video services;

listImproved playlist and video processing;

listImproved handling of User-Agent;

listImproved saving of the date when the file was edited (last-modified);

listImproved storing of the date of file editing (last-modified);
listModified integration settings;
listFixed an error of combining video and sound;
listFixed an error with downloading of auto-translated subtitles;

listFixed an issue with file names when importing .txts download lists;
listBugs fixed.

Version 6.19.5 - April 21, 2020
listImproved playlists download;
listReduced disk space requirements for download list reservation;

listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.19.4 - September 30, 2019
listImproved downloading video and music from video-services;
listImproved file name generation;
listImproved search in the downloads list;

listAdded advanced selection of frame rates for video from video services (50/60 and 25/30 fps);
listAuto high priority for playlists;
listFixed bug with not simultaneously downloading video and audio;
listFixed error detecting deleted downloads;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.19 - July 24, 2019
listImproved downloading video and music from video-services;
listIf the video is not downloaded (blocked, deleted), then the error type is correctly reported;
listFixed portable version update;

listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.18 - July 5, 2019
listImproved / restored downloading video and music from video-services;
listAdded additional download list reservation;
listImproved updates for plug-ins and additional modules;

listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.17.4 - June 5, 2019
listImproved download video from video-services;
listImproved playlists download;
listFixed bug with downloading files with special characters in the description;
listImproved work in Windows XP;

listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.17.3 - April 25, 2019
listImproved download video from video-services;
listAdded export/import downloads to the * .txts file, which contains the paths to the files;
listFixed duplication bug in Telegram-bot;
listImproved work with updates;
listFixed the bug when adding tabs to the file name;

listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.17.2 - January 22, 2019
listImproved download 4K and 8K video, as well as video in low resolution;
listImproved subtitle download;
listImproved downloading files with non-standard characters in the URL;
listImproved download video from Facebook;
listFixed bug with renaming text file with description;

listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.17 - October 12, 2018
listAdded subtitle download from video-services;
listAdded support for Google Backup and Sync;
listAdded user-agent option for command line parameters;
listAdded the ability to manually enter the User-Agent in the settings;
listImproved handling of the VideoFreq parameter in a portable version;
listImproved downloads of playlists containing videos with the same names;

listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.16 - April 11, 2018
listImproved download from video-services;
listAdded interception of links from videoservices in the clipboard;
listAdded SOCKS-proxy support for HTTPS;
listAdded option for a playlist and channels monitoring (autoupdate) and automatic downloading new video;
listAdded ability to choose available format for video and audio when downloading from video services;
listImproved integration into browsers;
listIncreased adding speed for a large number of downloads;
listAdded possibility to export/import URLs with Filenames to/from .txtn files;
listImproved playlists download;
listImproved downloading downloads deleting;
listImproved saving pages with images;
listImproved ability to choose available format for video and audio when downloading from video services;
listImproved usability of Sounds category in Options;
listFixed form duplicate bug while simultaneously adding a large number of downloads (FileInfoForm_1);

listFixed History update bug;
listImproved moved + renamed files deleting;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.14 - October 27, 2017
listAdded option to highlighting of the moved/deleted files in the download list (View - File availability);
listNew Opera, Chrome and Firefox extensions;
listAdded support for downloading videos from video-services with 50 FPS frame rate;
listImproved download from video-services;
listAdded ability to choose available format for video and audio when downloading from video services;
listAdded fast params update for correct download from video services;
listImproved dragging selected text onto the floating window;
listImproved algorithm to determine correct file names;
listFixed a bug with video playback in the built-in browser;
listFixed bug with updating the Deleted folder;
listFixed bug with saving the list when automatic deletion of completed downloads;
listThe order of output of sound messages is corrected;
listFixed a bug with creating an extra .txt file when downloading from video services;
listFixed 00:00:00 time bug in the download scheduler;

listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.13 - May 15, 2017
listNew Opera, Chrome and Firefox extensions with on-page button for video download;
listImproved downloading FullHD-video from video services;
listImproved download from video-services;
listImproved playlists download;
listImproved dynamic archives download;
listAdded support for new versions of archives;
listAdded ability to select playlist or current video download;
listImproved algorithm to determine correct file names for video;
listImproved folder transfer for Chrome downloads;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.12 - February 17, 2017
listImproved Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi and Chromium browsers integration;
listImproved Opera, Chrome and Firefox extensions for easy video and music download from any sites;
listAdded new Firefox extension;
listImproved adding Group of Downloads;
listImproved importing files with downloads lists;
listImproved export/import of program settings;
listImproved handling of links containing characters in various encodings;
listAdded option to manually clear Search history and form data;
listAdded Highlight result option for search in the download list;
listFixed bugs.

Version 6.10 - October 20, 2016
listAdded Bot Master plug-in allowing to receive links to download from messengers (Telegram);
listAdded integration into Vivaldi browser;
listIncreased download speed from video sharing services;
listImproved display of messages in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update;
listAdded ability to check SHA1 sum of downloaded files (Ctrl+1);
listModified processing of short links when downloading from video sharing services;
listIncreased probability of successful download from improperly configured servers;
listImproved saving of movies from video sharing services in .mp3 format;
listFixed bug with incorrect cleaning of the Deleted category;
listFixed bugs.

Version 6.8 - April 1, 2016
listProgram optimized for work with huge download lists;
listIncreased processing speed for groups of downloads;
listIncreased download speed while simultaneously downloading a large number of small files;
listIncreased program speed and stability;
listImproved download using HTTPS;
listImproved dragging links onto the floating window to support the latest Firefox versions;
listImproved download using non-standard HTTP ports;
listImproved live preview in VLC;
listImproved merging video and audio in large files if the PC turned off automatically, or when you close the program;
listImproved processing of FTP-links containing password;
listFixed bug with incorrect Advanced Scheduler integration in Portable version;
listBugs fixed.

Version 6.7 - February 5, 2016
listAdded support for downloading 8K videos from video-services;
listAdded support for downloading videos from video-services with 60 FPS frame rate;
listDownloading more than 50 videos from playlists is now possible;
listUpdated Firefox extensions;
listAdded possibility to export/import Referer URLs to/from .txtr files;
listImproved look with modified display scaling in Windows;
listOptimized display for monitors with the resolution higher than 4K;
listImproved integration with Chrome and Chrome-based browsers;
listImproved integration with Firefox;
listImproved tray notifications on Windows 10;
listImproved mirror search and integration with;
listImproved download over HTTPS;
listImproved search form on the toolbar;
listImproved special characters handling during playlist download;
listImproved playlist download when using proxy;
listImproved automatic video-services settings update;
listImproved the Clouds category;
listImproved video quality selection if re-downloading video from video-service;
listImproved integration with the free Convertilla video converter;
listAdd download window is now resizable;
listAdded check for updates from Settings window;
listImproved moving video file to another drive during download;
listFixed bug with ZIP-archives file selection window;
listFixed bug with inaccessible Comment field in Add download window if font size has been increased;
listIncreased number of mirrors to download ffmpeg;
listFixed minor bugs.

Version 6.5 - June 26, 2015
listAdded size, name and filetype detection before download start. Improved automatic category detection;
listAdded "Do not save erroneous dowloads" option to the add download group dialog;
listImproved download sectioning when downloading at high speed. Increased download speed from some sites;
listIncreased download speed when downloading selected files from ZIP-archive;
listNow several selected video files can be played with one click;
listProgram optimized for work with huge download lists;
listFixed bug when archiving downloaded files from ZIP-archives bigger than 1 GB;
listRestored ability to download all videos from users, channels and play-lists from videoservices;
listImproved download using HTTPS;
listImproved download from video-services;
listImproved search for files and videos;
listImproved video interception in Firefox;
listImproved new download folders creating;
listImproved Re-Download option in the History;
listImproved option "Minimal size to create a new download section";
listFixed bug with possible freezing when moving or copying several downloaded files at once;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.2 - March 12, 2015
listImproved download from HTTPS servers;
listImproved video download from video-services;
listAdded new connection types 100Mb/s+ and 1Gb/s+;
listImproved importing unfinished downloads with redirects;
listIncreased download speed while simultaneously downloading a large number of small files;
listAdded ability to change the display time for the system tray pop-up indicator (registry setting BaloonTrayDownloadCompleteShowTime, in milliseconds);
listDownload speed indicator improved;
listImproved history to prevent data loss if the PC reboots unexpectedly;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.1 - February 19, 2015
listAdded digest HTTP authentication & improved basic HTTP authentication;
listAdded support for secure HTTPS proxy servers;
listProgram optimized for work on tablets and on multi-display configurations;
listImproved downloading from HTTPS servers;
listThe time zone correction added for "Get date and time of file creation from the server" option;
listFixed bug with unexpected appear of 4GB files on disk;
listFixed bug with keyboard shortcuts in the Add download window;
listFixed bug with importing 4GB+ files;
listFixed bug with opening multiple Add download - Change windows;
listFixed bug with starting 10+ .urls files immediately;
listImproved Shift+Del shortcut handling;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 6.0 - November 25, 2014
listAdded Clouds category (active if the computer is connected to the cloud services);
listFixed bug with blocking disk access if download speed is higher than file saving speed;
listImproved efficiency when downloading at the speed 1 GB/s and higher;
listBy default reserving space on disk before downloading is disabled;
listImproved interception of links in the clipboard;
listFixed bug with incorrect handling of gzip compression parameters by some servers;
listFixed a bug when you get broken avi, mpg & mp3 files when downloading over HTTPS;
listImproved HTTPS download;
listAdded possibility to extract gzip files contents;
listImproved disk free space calculation;
listImproved download from video-services;
listAutomatic deletion of extra characters in a manually specified save path;
listFixed bug with User-Agent header;
listImproved algorithm to determine correct file names;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version - August 14, 2014
listImplemented support for the new version of Chrome extensions;
listImproved intergration with Opera, Yandex.Browser and other browsers based on the Chromium engine;
listImproved downloading from video-services;
listImproved download of HD & UHD video;
listAdded possibility to install modules for correct download from video services;
listImproved handling of complex link from video services;
listUpdated User-Agent strings;
listImproved HTTPS download;
listImproved download using HTTP 1.1;
listImproved continued download from site with errors in settings;
listFixed Shift+Del behaviour in the secondary windows;
listAdded new settings for plugins;
listFixed bug with incorrect parameter storing in the portable version;
listAdded new command-line options;
listAdded storing column order in the download list and history;
listImproved program installation/uninstallation;
listFixed other bugs.

Version - March 14, 2014
listRestored ability to download FullHD (1080p) and giant video (4K) from video services;
listOptimized download of mp3-files from video services and improved quality;
listRedesigned HTTPS implementation. Improved downloading from gmail, github, dropbox, bitbucket and many more;
listImproved downloading videos requiring authorization;
listImproved user interface;
listAdded new possibilities to comment on downloads and the program;
listFixed bug with trying to copy/move non-existent files;
listFixed bug with choosing video quality if the download link changes;
listFixed other minor bugs.

Version - December 25, 2013
listAdded support for 180p size when downloading from video hosting services;
listImproved downloading HD-video from video hosting services;
listAdded new connection type for high-speed links;
listReworked algorithms for generating extensions;
listImproved link copy behavior in the download list and in the download history;
listImproved handling of files which have very long file names (including the path) exceeding 260 characters;
listImproved automatic mp3-file renaming using tags;
listAdded ability to rename files with the same size automatically for the current site;
listReleased new DM plug-in for Firefox allowing to download video and music from any site;
listImproved integration into Opera 16 and above;
listUpdated extension for Google Chrome;
listRestored integration into the Internet Explorer 11 context menu;
listImproved integration into Yandex.Browser;
listFixed bug with adding a group of UTF8-encoded links;
listFixed bug with not deleting the download when using Shift + Del and if there is no file on the disk;
listFixed bug with deleting two files when using Shift + Del with disabled deletion confirmation dialog;
listFixed other minor bugs.

Version - September 20, 2013
listImproved playing video during download. Click Play button in the Download window (or in the context menu) and the video will be played during download;
listImproved video download from video-services;
listIntegrated plug-in update and management system;
listImproved MP3 quality;
listImproved integration into Google Chrome, Opera and Yandex.Browser;
listAdded video download with 144p resolution (3gp);
listAdded detection of the running browsers while uninstalling the program;
listImproved download handling if the file cannot be saved to the specified folder;
listIncreased (up to 5000) the maximum number of history records (the setting can be changed);
listImproved FTP download;
listFixed bugs in FTP Explorer with UTF-8 encoded file names during folder download;
listModified MP3-file renaming algorithm during download of link lists;
listImproved clipboard link interception;
listImproved usability;
listAdd registry key to enable/disable auto-renaming MP3-file if there is no normal file name (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\2VG\Download Master\UseMP3AutoRename);
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version - April 23, 2013
listAdded Firefox plug-in for easy video and music download from any sites;
listAbility to download all videos from users, channels and play-lists on VideoTube;
listAbility to automatically download new videos from the selected channels and play-lists (by adding a channel/play-list to Autoupdate category);
listFile names of .mp3 files can be automatically created using the contained tags;
listFixed DM hanging up when starting big downloads saved to NTFS drives (when the 'Reserve space on disk for the whole file' option is disabled);
listIn addition to shortcuts added a menu item "Force start [Shift+Ctrl+S]" to start a queued download immediately;
listImproved switching to Sleep and Hibernate modes on Windows 7 and Windows 8;
listRestored the ability to download from VideoTube;
listUpdated plug-in and DMBar for Firefox;
listImproved Google Chrome integration;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version - December 27, 2012
listAdded integration with Yandex.Browser;
listImproved download using the secured protocols HTTPS and FTPS;
listAdded ability to choose video format (MP4, FLV or WEBM) when downloading from video services;
listImproved handling of links containing characters in various encodings;
listImproved IP-address management in Site Manager;
listImproved archive management;
listIn the Add downlad window changed the behavior of "Set default folder" button;
listRestored the ability to download from VideoTube;
listImproved Google Chrome integration (for users with Administrator priviledges);
listFixed bug with the speed controller in the manual mode;
listOther minor bugs fixed.

Version - September 18, 2012
listRestored ability to download from VideoTube;
listImproved download from VideoTube;
listImproved Connection options;
listOther minor bugs fixed.

Version - July 2, 2012
listPossibility to save clips downloaded from VideoTube as mp3 (in the Add download window choose "mp3" in the Desired quality menu);
listSmart Pause mode offers new ways to start downloads automatically;
listImproved integration with free video-converter Convertilla;
listAdded ability to stop all downloads except those which do not support resume;
listAdded ability to download clips from VideoTube with minimal resolution 240p;
listVideoTube downloads can be resumed for an unlimited time after start;
listSearch for new downloads added to the toolbar;
listImproved plug-in management;
listAdded support for the 4th and 5th mouse buttons in the embedded browser;
listImproved integration/disintegration into Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari;
listImproved download over HTTPS;
listImproved automatic detection of new file versions availability, Autoupdate folder;
listThe descript.ion is updated when the download file name changes;
listImproved automatic DM update;
listFixed bugs in DM Portable;
listFixed bug with incorrect selection handling while changing categories;
listFixed bug with renaming VideoTube downloads;
listOther minor bugs fixed.

Version - January 23, 2011
listRestored ability to download from VideoTube;
listGoogle Chrome extensions now supports download video from VideoTube and other video services;
listImproved Google Chrome integration;
listImproved Opera, Chrome and Firefox download interception;
listBugs fixed.

Version - December 14, 2011
listIn the Downloads Top added the new Video section with the most popular videos downloaded from VideoTube;
listAdded ability to download video from VideoTube in .WEBM format (you can enable it in the program settings);
listAdded ability to drag downloads from DM to Windows Explorer and other programs (while holding Ctrl);
listAdded ability to copy the link from the status bar by clicking with the rigth mouse button;
listUpdated DM Plugin for Firefox and DM Bar for Firefox;
listThe progress is displayed while copying or moving downloads;
listImproved program responsiveness when starting large downloads;
listImproved update system;
listFixed the problem with settings reset experienced by some users on 64-bit Windows 7;
listBugs fixed.

Version - August 4, 2011
listAdded ability to download huge videos from VideoTube (4K resolution);
listCorrected recognition of short .be addresses;
listImproved add download group mode, added quick search in the download selection window;
listRestored ability to download from VideoTube and;
listDM Bar and DM Plugin for Firefox updated to support Firefox 6 and Firefox 7;
listNow completed downloads are moved to the appropriate location if you change the download folder in the download properties;
listAdded support for Cyrillic characters (UTF-8) in URLs and file names in FTP Explorer;
listAdded support for UTF-8 addresses in the Add download window;
listFixed the problem with file blocking when complex redirects;
listImproved processing of non-standard addresses (ftp%3A and the like);
listImproved work with FTP-servers;
listBugs fixed.

Version - May 20, 2011
listAdded support for domain names with non-Latin characters;
listImproved Firefox integration;
listImproved integration with Opera to support the latest release of this browser;
listRestored ability to download from 5 popular video services;
listImproved Rapidshare download;
listImproved Scheduler options;
listImproved installer;
listImproved the "Open folder" option;
listImproved the "Delete with file" option when working with multiple select;
listBugs fixed.

Version - March 31, 2011
listRestored ability to download video from VideoTube and other video services;
listUpdated DMBar, DM Plugin and Remote Download for Firefox to support the final Firefox 4;

listMinor bugs fixed.

Version - March 11, 2011
listAdded integration with Convertilla free video converter, the "Convert video" option added to the downloaded file context menu;
listAbility to add links from m3u and urls files;
listImproved cookies transfer algorithm when selecting Download All with DM item in Internet Explorer;
listImproved file name generation for files downloaded from VideoTube;
listUpdated DMBar and DM Plugin for Firefox to support the latest Firefox versions;
listUpdated User-Agent list in DM options;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version - December 16, 2010
listRestored ability to download video from VideoTube;
listAdded support for new taskbar features available in Windows 7: progress indication on top of the program icon, links to useful DM actions and places added to the Jump List (appears after right-clicking the DM icon in the taskbar); added control buttons to the main window live preview.
listImproved FTP Explorer, implemented file list parsing;
listUpdated DMBar and DM Plugin to support newest Firefox versions;
listImproved the Add Download window, now it always appears on top and gets focus automatically;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 5.9 - November 12, 2010
listImproved Google Chrome integration, two menu items added to the browser's context menu (Download with DM and Download All with DM);
listRecovered ability to download from Rapidshare;
listNow you can choose desired video quality in the Add download window when downloading video from VideoTube and Vkontakte;
listDownload list context menu features two new items: Windows Menu... and Delete with file;
listLink to the source page (Referer) added to the status panel (the link will open in the browser);
listImproved detection and selection of links in Download All action;
listImproved Opera integration;
listImproved hotkeys for working with History;
listAdded interception of links to .mkv files in browsers other than IE;
listNow it is possible to edit description.ion file even after download has been finished;
listImproved stability when downloading large files;
listImproved memory utilization;
listImproved program responsiveness when starting large downloads;
listFixed download from the servers that limit the number of connections (the so-called "99% problem");
listBugs fixed.

Version - July 28, 2010
listRestored ability to download video from VideoTube;
listImproved space allocation for big files to speed up download start on Windows 7;
listFixed bug with sorting History by size;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version - July 1, 2010
listNow DM can download HD1080 video from VideoTube;
listImproved integration into Internet Explorer to allow to download e-mail attachments and other files which require authorization;
listImproved integration into browsers for users without administrator privileges;
listAdded ability to download video from Vkontakte;
listImproved automatic download category detection;
listNew versions of DMBar and DM Plugin for Firefox with improved download from VideoTube;
listImproved integration/disintegration option in the Opera context menu;
listAdded .mp4 format recognition for links received from DMBar;
listImproved the Add download window;
listImproved browser integration detection;
listImproved disintegration DM from browsers during uninstall;
listBugs fixed;
listDM and libraries are signed with digital signature;

Version - April 15, 2010
listRestored ability to download from VideoTube;
listAdded new option to choose video quality for download from VideoTube;
listThe Add download and Add downloads group windows improved;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 5.8 - April 9, 2010
listImproved Windows 7 compatibility;
listAdded support for metalink format;
listImproved download interception from Firefox, Opera and Chrome;
listAdded Remote Download plug-in;
listImproved download from video services;
listDMBar for Mozilla Firefox now supports download of any stream video;
listImproved Firefox plug-in;
listImproved needed disk space detection algorithm if there is a lack of free space;
listAdded warning message if external drive used for saving a file is disconnected while download is in progress;
listImproved FTP download with mirrors;
listImproved display of UTF-encoded links and Unicode detection when extracting file name from URL;
listImproved download from SourceForge;
listAdded new options to plug-in interface;
listFixed bug with FLV-player in Firefox;
listAdded detection of various types of FLV content and forming correct file extension;
listOn Windows Vista and above the system Downloads folder is chosen as default;
listImproved archive download;
listAdded option Open Folder... from the tray pop-up menu after download completion;
listAdded plug-ins for Internet Explorer and Firefox allowing to add files for remote download with one click;
listImproved interface for adding multiple downloads, when readding a number of downloads they are treated as a group;
listSimplified getting new download link in case the site returned an html page. Automatic link replacement if the link is dragged onto the floating window or copied to the clipboard;
listAdded convenient link, path and search queries navigation with Ctrl + -> and Ctrl + <-;
listAdded option to get file size in the wait for download state;
listImproved interaction with FTP and HTTP servers;
listOptimized download cache size;
listOptimized Download History clearing algorithm;
listFixed bug with opening files in external applications without activating the started application;
listFixed bug with antivirus settings;
listMinor bugs fixed.

Version 5.7 - February 14, 2009
listAdded new automatic mode: Reduce download speed if the user's activity detected;
listAdded integration with Google Chrome (download interception) and Apple Safari (download interception);
listImproved integration with Mozilla Firefox: Download with DM and Download All with DM items will be added to Firefox context menu after enabling integration with Firefox;
listAdded DMBar for Mozilla Firefox;
listAdded automatic integration with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera during DM installation;
listImproved integration with the last Opera versions;
listImproved integration with supported video services and added support for some new ones;
listImproved SSL(HTTPS) support, added support for new certificate types;
listTemplates for automatic Referer substitution now are stored in a text file. Now you can add new templates to that file by yourself;
listZIP and RAR libraries updated;
listUpdated User-Agent list in DM options;
listNow you can specify "*" wildcard at the beginning of the site name, for example *;
listAdded option to choose the number of download sections in the Add download window with one click;
listWell-formed XML is used for storing download list;
listModified the way DM query OS for special OS folders location;
listBugs fixed.

Version 5.6 - February 5, 2008
Added ability to download video from popular video sharing services. To download a video simply add a link to a page that contains it;
Added player for playing and preview of video downloaded from video sharing services and playing .flv files. If there is no flash-video (.flv) player installed on your system then DM will set itself as the default player for .flv files;
Improved the tray pop-ups to display messages on download errors, download completion and news. Now in case of errors you can easily see the detailed information about errors, ways to correct them and also search for other places where you can download the file;
Improved integration into Opera browser, some bugs fixed;
Improved integration into Mozilla Firefox, some bugs fixed;
When you add a category the corresponding download folder is created automatically;
Fixed saving a file with valid name if the link to file is in UTF-8 encoding;
Fixed bug that resulted in Access Violation when working with download list;
Fixed bug with removing selection from News category after it has been read;
Some bugs fixed.

Version 5.5 - October 24, 2007
DM interface redesigned, new logo introduced;
Added the News subcategory to the MyTopFiles category with ability to get latest news headlines automatically. New settings for this option added;
Significantly improved operation on Windows Vista;
Added ability to show text labels to buttons on the toolbar;
By clicking on the baloon tip (near the system clock) telling about finishing download, you’ll get the download list with the last download highlighted;
Added support for alpha-channel (semi-transparency) for the toolbar buttons and other graphical elements of the program;
The interface of the Add download, Download Info and Download Completed windows improved;
Improved the interface of Advanced Scheduler;
Program settings optimized;
Improved support for download from Rapidshare;
Improved download of empty folders in FTP Explorer;
Improved download from FTP servers which return the list of all files in response to the list –la command;
Improved HTTP support for redirect from http to https;
Improved connection types support;
Improved download interception from;
Improved DMBar for Internet Explorer. Interface updated and a number of new features added;
Increased level of protection of temporary data;
Now high priority downloads will not interrupt low priority ones not supporting resume so that you’ll not have to restart them from scratch.
Fixed bug with incorrect menu display when giant font is selected in Windows options;
Fixed bug with memory leak in DM Bar which sometimes lead to IE crash after long work;
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 5.2 - December 15, 2006
Program main menu redesigned;
Improved user interface;
Added button for closing download history;
Added the Play/Preview button to the Download window;
The Top Downloads item added to the File menu;
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 5.1.2 - November 24, 2006
The Add download window made more convenient to use;
Added the Top downloads menu item;
Added ability to check MD5 sum of downloaded files (Ctrl+M);
Plug-in interface function for accessing download info now provides download addition date and time;
Improved the algorithm to get a login and password for HTTP from the Site manager;
Fixed memory leak occurred while logging a download;
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 5.1 - October 31, 2006
Started a new file catalog;
Added "Find mirrors" option;
Added ability to add and view comments for a particular file;
Search for files, programs, archives and documents completely reworked;
Added new category section "Most popular" (Software, Archives, Documents, Search);
Added new menu item “Extract to … and open” to the “File - ZIP/RAR” context menu;
Floating window improved;
Reduced processor load;
Bugs fixed.

Version 5.0.5 - April 10, 2006
Added new anti-virus option to check files with the specified extensions only;
“Fast start” during OS loading;
Added the Plug-ins button (disabled by default);
Improved URL interception from the clipboard;
Improved interaction with FTP servers;
Skin Development Kit updated;
Improved program stability;
Added Romanian interface language;
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 5.0 - March 15, 2006
Added support for plug-ins;
Added Advanced Scheduler plug-in;
Added ability to download entire folders (including subfolders) via FTP;
Added support for FTP over SSL/TSL;
Added new command-line options;
Added ability to switch to stand-by and sleep modes after completing all downloads;
Added download of a CSS-file in the "HTML with images" mode;
Now several selected audio files can be played with one click;
Added "Copy file to..." item into the download context menu in the history;
Added option to disable tray icon animation;
Improved integration to speed up clipboard link interception;
Download information window modified, added option to change the color of download indicator;
When adding existing download to the download list and redownloading, the download moves to the top of the list;
Improved inteface and efficiency of FTP Explorer;
Improved download of Gmail attachments;
Improved file size detection on servers preventing this;
Improved processing of links containing login and password;
Modified tray icon tooltip;
Memory usage optimized, increased stability;
Changed skin compression format to ZIP;
Added Uzbek interface language;
Bugs fixed.

Version 4.4 - October 28, 2005
Floating window highlights when mouse hovers over it;
Added export/import of program settings, categories, history, and download list;
Added possibility to reset settings to default;
Program optimized for work with two monitors;
Added possibility of one-time execution of automation functions;
Added possibility to sort download list by extension;
Added possibility to play any section of media files being downloaded;
Added preview of *.avi files (Windows Media Player and Winamp are not supported);
For downloads in "Autoupdate" category priority is not reset and it can be changed for a downloaded file;
Improved "URL is already in the list and has been downloaded" window, added "Download" button;
Added dynamic history update;
Improved installer (automatic program closing, additional options);
Description text files are moved along with files;
Improved support for some FTP-servers;
"<" and ">" characters allowed in URL;
Fixed bug with login and password input for download group;
Fixed bug with download of FTP URLs containing spaces;
Fixed bug occurred when shutting down PC while Windows is in Locked mode;
Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.3.2 - August 23, 2005
Added Albanian language;

Some languages updated;

Some bugs fixed.

Version 4.3 - August 9, 2005
Extented proxy-servers manager added;
Added option to choose a proxy-server for particular sites and/or downloads;
"Automatic" download speed now works with any specified program (for Windows XP and above only);
Added ability to change the number of sections for a download on-the-fly (by clicking with the right mouse button on section tabs in the download log);
In the floating window added "Smart start/pause" menu item accessible through the right mouse button;
Added support for;
Reduced processor load;
Optimized data writing to a download file;
Fixed bug with sockets overrun under Windows XP;
Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.2 - June 15, 2005
Added possibility to download html-pages with images;
Added possibility to open a URL in the browser if you cancel download;
Added possibility to specify sites from which downloads will not be intercepted;
Added options: Minimize to tray when closing, Show tray icon;
Added possibility to choose download categories with hot-key in the Add download window;
Added a lot of new global hot-keys;
Speed indicator added to the floating window as well as possibility to change speed with the right mouse button;
Added possibility to change font of the main window;
Added option: Show Site properties item in download context menu;
Minor user interface improvements;
Added Korean and Hebrew languages;
Bugs fixed.

Version 4.1.2 - March 1, 2005
Some languages updated;
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.1 - February 10, 2005
Improved program speed and stability;
Option "Redial if speed is lower than:" added to dialer;
Added option to set "Low" priority for downloads;
Added new button to the toolbar: "Dial";
Support for multi-user environment extended;
Appeared possibilty for users with restricted accounts to work with DM on Windows XP;
Added back-up of technical information for files bigger than 10 MB;
Added option to insert download description from clipboard by double-clicking in download description window;
Program settings window redesigned;
Minor user interface improvements;
Added Persian, Bulgarian, Bosnian and Lithuanian languages;

Bugs fixed.

Version 4.0.2 - December 30, 2004
Improved user interface;
Improved support for HTTP 1.1;
Added Chinese (Simplified) language;

Some bugs fixed.

Version 4.0 - December 15, 2004
Added FTP Explorer;
Added possibility to download files of size more than 2 GB (file size can also be limited by file system used: FAT - no more than 2 GB, FAT32 - no more than 4 GB, and NTFS - no limit);
Added menu item Import->Unfinished downloads...;
Added new settings: "Show splash screen while starting", "Create separate description file for each download only if the description exists";
Added option "Open folder" for download categories;
Added option to open the page from which the download has been added (Referer) by double-clicking on URL in the status panel;
To dialer added option "Do not connect if another connection detected";
Added option "Do not use proxy-server for the following addresses";
Fixed problems with interaction with antivirus software;
Improved interaction with FTP and HTTP servers;
Added support for FTP proxy-servers;
Added item to Opera context menu "Download All with DM";
Improved Opera integration;
Password encryption system was modified;
Imroved dialer for Windows XP (recovering from connection break, callback);
Added Turkish and Swedish languages;

Bugs fixed.
! Downloads, that were started by DM 4.0 and above, cannot be finished by earlier versions of DM.

Version 3.2 - September 21, 2004
Added option to check ZIP and RAR archives and recover corrupted ZIP archives;
Added option to unpack ZIP and RAR archives;
Added option "Quit the program after completing all downloads";
Added clipboard monitoring for URL groups;
Added option "Remember last folder for categories";
Added scheduler option "Use schedule for all downloads (not only scheduled)";
Added regular expression support for sorting files into categories;
Improved user interface;
Download indicator is now dispalyed on the status bar during download;
Fixed bug occured after disconnection under Windows 98;
Fixed the status bar display bug under Windows XP SP2;
Some other bugs fixed.

Version 3.1.2 - June 9, 2004
Added support for more FTP servers that are not RFC compliant;
Improved user interface;
Improved integration into Opera;
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 3.1 - May 24, 2004
Added option to set priorities for downloads;
Added check of mirror connection time;
Added support for SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 proxy-servers;
Added option to display general information for group of files selected in the download list;
Processor load reduced while the program working;
Added option to edit the Referer field in the "Add download" window;
Increased number of handled errors for "Repetitive download restart" option;
Integration into IE improved;
Improved integration into Opera 7.50;
Fixed dial bug under Windows XP;
Serbian language added;
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 3.0 - April 8, 2004
Added option to work with mirros for download;
Added support for HTTP <Connect> Proxy;
Added option to reserve disk space for a file on download start(enabled by default);
New shortcuts added: Ctrl+Alt+S - Start All, Ctrl+Alt+P - Pause All;
Added option to delete selected records from the history;
Added option to select files by extension when adding a lot of URLs ("Add multiple URLs" window);
Added option to copy URL for a download group;
Improved file size detection for FTP servers;
Improved check for available space on the disk;
Added Belarusian language;

Some bugs fixed.

Version 2.7.3 - March 15, 2004
Added Arabic language;

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.7.2 - February 19, 2004
Added Greek language;

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.7 - February 13, 2004
Added new option of "Smart Pause / Smart Start";
New buttons added to the toolbar: Smart Pause / Smart Start, Move to Top, Move to Bottom, Disconnect after completing all downloads, Shut down PC after completing all downloads;
Added option to move unfinished downloads (.dmf files) from one computer to another;
Added option to start download or add download to the list when opening a .dmf file;
Added option of "Use "History" when checking if a file has been previously downloaded";
Added new command line options;
Added new keyboard shortcuts;
The look of buttons optimized for Windows XP;
Fixed bugs in interaction with NTLM-proxy;
Some bugs fixed.

Version 2.6 - December 22, 2003
Added option to review the contents of a ZIP archive before download and choose which files to download from the archive;
Added "Show size in bytes" option;
New buttons has been added to the toolbar: Site Manager, Maximum number of simultaneous downloads, Copy file to..., Move file to..., Move Up, Move Down;
Added new command-line options: -startall, -stopall;
Some bugs fixed.

Version 2.5.2 - November 27, 2003
Added Slovenian and Italian languages;

Some bugs fixed.

Version 2.5 - November 13, 2003
User interface has been redesigned;
Added option of automatic file update ("Autoupdate" category);
Settings of up to ten proxy-servers are stored;
Added export of downloads to HTML-file;
Added support for NTLM-authentication and NTLM-proxy;
Added new command-line options;
Added option of automatic switching off floating window display if there are no active downloads;
Check for file existence in the download folder before starting download;
Automatic insertion of the text selected on a page opened in IE into the download description;
Ability to drag download description text from another programs;
Automatic receipt of information about MP3 files when starting download;
Improved integration into Opera;
Autodetection of FTP PASV mode;
Improve resume support detection;
Improved cookies support;
Added ability to download files from mail-boxes accessible through web-interface ( and others);
Modified work with sockets (opening/closing);
Increased program speed and stability;

Some bugs fixed.

Version 2.3 - October 1, 2003
Download log moved to the main window;
Added option to start all downloads at specified time;
Added option to start all downloads if Internet connection is detected;
Added option of cyclic downloads restart in case of connection/server errors;
Added option to disable error messages;
Added "Don't use proxy for local addresses" option;
Improved algorithm of download resumption detection for HTTP;
Improved algorithm of getting file size for FTP;
Added option to force downloads to be started with Ctrl+Shift keys;
"Download with DM" option was added to Opera context menu;
Improved Opera, Mozilla and Netscape integration;
Added Danish and Japanese languages;
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.2.2 - September 9, 2003
The bug which led in some cases to downloading of corrupted files is fixed;
Increased stability;
The bug in checking DM web site for a new version with using HTTP 1.1 is fixed;
Added French, Polish and Danish languages;

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.2 - August 19, 2003
Manual speed mode has been added;
The resume detection mechanism has been improved;
Now you can edit the Refferer field right on the Add/Edit download window by using CTRL+R;
Added option of automatic creation of the description file for every download;
Encoding selection for the descript.ion was added;
The "recognition" bug for the files that contain spaces in their names (FTP only) has been fixed;
Processing of the 403 - Forbidden error code has been corrected;
Added Croatian language;

Lots of minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.1 - July 14, 2003
Added option of checking downloaded files for updates;
Added option of creating download folders based on server name;
Added new site properties in the site manager: category, maximum naumber of downloads;
Added various color modes for displaying the download list;
Downloaded files on wich no operations were performed are marked as unread;
Added option of copying/moving downloaded files;
Added option of automatic downloads renaming;
Added option of automatic file renaming in case of file name conflict;
Added option of editing properties for all downloads in a group;
Added option of editing download URL while the download is paused;
Added the "Create folder" button to "Browse folders" dialogs (may not work on Windows 95/98);
Option of creating new categories in the "Add a download" window;
Improved interaction with anti-virus programs;
Optimized memory management;
Increased stability;
Fixed bug in HTTPS implementation (work with Microsoft IIS);
Fixed bugs with information display in the status bar;
Some bugs fixed.

Version 2.0 - June 23, 2003
Added support for HTTPS;
Added the downloads history;
Addded search in the download list;
Added "Restore connection if disconnected" option;
Added option of dragging selected text onto the floating window. DM will find links in the text and offer you to start download;
Disabled the window appearing on updates check;
Added Hungarian language;
Some bugs fixed.

Version 1.6 - May 23, 2003
Added skins support;
DM is distributed with two standard skins with possibility to download much more great skins from our site;
Download saving options has been added: use the last used folder as the current folder, create subfolders based on URL;
New hotkeys added;
Added option to start all downloads on program start;
Added option to get date and time of file creation from the server;
Added option to guaranteed link capture;
Added Czech language;
Some bugs fixed.

Version 1.5 - April 22, 2003
Option of adding a URL group by mask;
Added option to play streaming audio and video files while they are being downloaded;
Added extended integration with Internet Explorer 6.0 or above;
Added integration with Avant Browser and NeoPlanet provided that Internet Explorer 6.0 is installed on your system;
Added option to manually clear the Deleted folder;
Option of adding downloads from FTP folders;
Option to automatically use Internet Explorer proxy-server settings;
Modified integration with Opera;
Fixed interface bugs on Windows XP;
Added Spanish, Portuguese and Ukrainian languages;
Some bugs fixed.

Version 1.4 - March 17, 2003
Added power and useful tool for management of download categories;
Added automatic file type detection with automatic file placement to the specified categories;
Added Dutch language;
Some bugs fixed.

Version 1.3.2 - February 27, 2003
Added German language;
Added "Create subfolders by date" option;
Some bugs fixed.

Version 1.3.1 - February 17, 2003
Added integration into Opera 4.0 and above, Netscape Communicator 6.0 and above, and Mozilla browsers;
Added export/import of URLs into/from the following formats: *.txt, *.txtd, *.lst, *.urls, *.ion;
Added sounds;
Added option of adding files with identical names to the download list;
Added download list backup feature;
Added search by a file name in the download list;
Added option to turn on/off the use of cache;
URL detection system modidied;
File save algorithm modidied;
Some bugs fixed.

Version 1.2 - January 20, 2003
Added the floating window including download speed indicator, active downloads indicators, cart for dragging links;
Original Active Visual Cart technology which lets you to work with DM without opening the main program window;
Added ability to restrict the number of sections for a particular download and site;
Option to drag downloads in the list with mouse and keyboard (Alt + arrow keys) added;
Improved reliability of download if OS errors and computer shutdowns occurs;
Added ability to manage buttons on the toolbar;
Added automatic detection and use of your browser's proxy-server settings;
Added Windows XP support;
Added new features to improve usability;
Some bugs fixed.

Version 1.1 - December 23, 2002
Now it's possible to limit download speed;
Automatic speed mode has been added;
New "Download ALL with DM" option was added (It can be activated from your web browser on any webpage);
Processing of Alt and Ctrl in Internet Explorer was added;
New features added to the DM Bar;
Download table customization, new columns added too;
Some bugs fixed.

Version 1.0 - December 2, 2002
Public release.

Version 0.1-0.9 - from September to December, 2002
Beta releases.

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