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Download categories

With download categories you can:

  • Automatically save downloads to different folders depending on file extensions;
  • Organize your download list;
  • Saving files to cloud services;
  • Automatic synchronization of files on servers and your computer (autoupdate);
  • Find the most popular files, programs, music, and archives;
  • Control download process. Start/stop/schedule all downloads of a category using simple mouse operations;
  • Restore deleted downloads.

File type detection with file placement to specified categories
When a download is added to the list DM automatically detects file type. The field name used for detection will blink during 5 seconds.

File type detection is based on a file extension (and is done for those extensions which are specified for categories) as well as on regular expressions for a URL (more detail about using regular expressions you can find here). By clicking on the button, you can:

  • Open the "Properties..." window for a selected category;
  • Add a new subcategory;
  • Set option "Remember last folder for categories".

( i ) To use this feature you have to enable "Download category detection" in the program options.

Using regular expressions:
Regular expressions have to be enclosed in single quotes and be separated with spaces. You can specify both extensions and regular expressions simultaneously (regular expressions have higher priority in the order they are specified, i.e. the first regular expression has the highest priority and the last extension has the lowest priority).

'' - files with URLs containing phrase will be placed into the category.
'(?i)metal{1,2}ica' - files with URLs containing phrase metallica or metalica (regardless of case) will be placed into the category.
'(?i)metal{1,2}ica' '(?i)beatles' MP3 OGG - files satisfying regular expressions '(?i)metal{1,2}ica' and '(?i)beatles' will be placed into the category as well as files with MP3 and OGG extensions.

Organizing your download list
Possibility of creating unlimited number of categories and hierarchy levels lets you organize the download list according to your taste.

You can freely move downloads from one category to another, move folders from one section to another, and swap folders. If you click with the right mouse button on a category name, the context menu will appear. With the context menu you can do the following:

  • Add - create a new subcategory in the current category;
  • Properties... [Alt+Enter] - edit properties of the current category;
  • Delete [Del] - delete the selected category;
  • Open folder [Enter] - open folder to which downloads of this category are saved;
  • Up [Alt+Up] - move the selected category one position up;
  • Down [Alt+Down] - move the selected category one position down.

( i ) In the "Others" - "Misc" section of the program options window you can enable the "Show subcategory downloads in a category " option. After that both downloads of the category and downloads of all its subcategories will be displayed in the list.

Saving files to cloud services
In the clouds directory you can see the list of cloud services installed on the computer (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk, Box, Mega and others).

You can choose one of the available options and and after downloading the file will be saved to the corresponding cloud service.

Automatic synchronization of files on servers and your computer (autoupdate)
This category can be used for synchronization of files on servers and your computer, as well as for scheduling downloads to start at specified time.

The "Autoupdate" category contains subcategories with synchronization jobs. You can edit current jobs and can add unlimited number of new jobs. If needed, you can suspend execution of some jobs.

Job types:

  • Permanently - check for availability and download of a new version of a file is done every specified period of time or on specified events;
  • Everyday - check is done once a day at specified time or on specified events;
  • On days of week - check is done on specified days of week at specified time or on specified events.

When to do an update:

  • At time/Periodically - check is done once a day at specified time or every specified period of time;
  • On program start - check is done on the program start;
  • On downloads start - check is done when downloads are started;
  • On Internet connection detected - check is done when DM detects Internet connection.

You can place files to this category when you are adding a download or by dragging a file into the job folder. To turn autoupdate off for a file you can delete the download or move it to another folder.

Most popular
The Most popular category opens corresponding sections of the MyTopFiles site.
You can choose the most popular files to download, view file download statistics, search for files, add and view comments for files, add files to your Favorites and many more.
The category consists of the following subcategories:

  • Programs
  • Music
  • Archives
  • Search

Download control
The "Status" category contains subcategories corresponding to possible download states. Dragging links from one subfolder to another, you can easily control download process. For example:
- by dragging the "Pause" folder onto the "Downloading" folder, you start all paused downloads;
- by dragging the "Music" folder onto the "Scheduled" folder, you can schedule all downloads in this folder and all its subfolders.

Successfully completed downloads are added to this category. They are grouped into folders by download completion date or by date that a download was added to the download list. You can search history records within certain time interval folder. You can clear the whole history or only records of time interval folder, if needed.

Restore deleted downloads
You can restore deleted downloads by dragging them from the "Deleted" category to any other folder.
( i ) After you close the program or computer restarts the "Deleted" folder will be emptied.

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