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In Firefox version 43 and above the older extensions are blocked. You have to install IDA version 6.7 or above to get the extensions updated.

After updating IDA, the Firefox extensions could be installed but not enabled. To start using them you will have to enable them.

Enabling IDA extensions for Firefox

1. Open Add-ons from the menu or use the special link about:addons

The IDA extensions are disabled

2. Enable IDA plug-ins. If it is impossible, please restart Firefox (close all Firefox windows and start the browser again).

The IDA extensions are enabled

3. Restart Firefox (close all Firefox windows and start the browser again). The extensions will work again.

The IDA extensions for Firefox are active

4. To enable IDA Toolbar please right-click on the toolbar and choose IDABar.

Enabling IDA Toolbar

IDA plug-ins (extensions) in Firefox 43 and above

During IDA installation the new versions of the following extensions will be installed:

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