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How to use Internet Download Accelerator. Five tips.

Standard download window replaced

Add download window and the Download info windowThe standard file download window is replaced with the “Add download” window and the “Download info” window (you can disable these windows in the program options).

Try it Now or Search for files

In the “Add download” window you can choose download category, specify download folder and add download description. Press the “Start Download” button to begin download. If you close the window then you will still be able to download the file in the standard (and much slower) way.

In the "Download info” window you can keep track of download speed, elapsed and left download time, download progress and more. You can suspend download by pressing the “Pause” button and continue downloading by pressing the “Resume” button any time later. By pressing the “Play” button you can listen to or view partly downloaded media files.

Browser - Right Click Menu

Browser - Right Click MenuIDA integrates into your browser using powerful automatic interception system for downloading files you want to download while browsing. If you wish to download a file which is not intercepted automatically, for example, a picture, simply right-click the link and choose "Download with IDA" from the menu.

Tray Icon - Enable/Disable download with IDA

Tray IconClick with the right mouse button on the IDA icon in the system tray and choose "Disable browser integration" from the menu. By this you can temporarily disable IDA if you want to download a file in the standard (much slower) way. To re-enable IDA again, right click the tray icon once again and choose "Enable browser integration" from the menu.Ctrl

If you want to disable IDA only for a particular download please hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the file link in the browser.

Floating window - Fast download control

Floating windowThe floating window shows you download speed plot and the progress of current downloads. By clicking on the buttons you can change main program options.

A unique feature. By right-clicking on the download speed icon (upper) you can quickly change download speed.

IDA - Main window

Main windowThe principal part of the Main window is the list containing all current downloads as well as their state and progress. By double-clicking a download you open the “Download info” window or execute the file if the download has already been completed. You can sort downloads in the way you want.

In the left part of the Main window you can see the download category list. You can drag downloads between categories with the mouse.

You can open the Main window at any time by double-clicking the floating window or the IDA icon in the system tray.

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