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Browser integration

What is browser integration?
Internet Download Accelerator integrates with browser to simplify adding a download and ease your work. After integration is enabled Internet Download Accelerator will automatically intercept Internet Explorer downloads and integrates to the browser context menu.

Fast integration control
Click with the right mouse the IDA icon in the system tray and choose the Disable browser integration item from the appeared menu. By this you can temporarily disable IDA if you want to download a file in the standard (much slower) way. To re-enable IDA again, right click the tray icon once again and choose the Enable browser integration from the menu.

If you want to disable IDA only for a particular download please hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the file link in the browser.

Integration options
To tune the integration options open the options dialog box and click the "General" tab and choose "Integration".

Integration with Chrome, Edge, Yandex.Browser, Vivaldi
Check the flag, to let IDA intercept Google Chrome, Edge, Apple Safari, Vivaldi and Yandex.Browser downloads.

If you check the flag, IDA will intercept Firefox, Mozilla and Netsacpe Navigator downloads. Two items, Download with IDA and Download All with IDA, will be added to the Firefox context menu.

( i ) Sometimes manual activation required for plug-ins (Menu - Add-ons in Firefox, or on page about:addons).

If this option is checked Internet Download Accelerator will intercept Opera downloads.
( i ) If your Opera version is lower than 7.10, in order to have changes take effect you have to restart your browser after setting the flag, open File->Preferences...Multimedia and click on Find plug-ins..., then click OK several times and at last click Apply. If integration does not work repeat the above sequence once again.

Other browsers
Help on intergration for browsers which are not listed in settings.

Integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer (ver. 4.x-11.x or above)
If this option is checked Internet Download Accelerator will intercept Internet Explorer downloads.

If this flag is set IDA will intercept all downloads from Internet Explorer 6. If this option is selected IDA will intercept all downloads and ignore all file extentions (IE6 only).

If this option is checked Internet Download Accelerator will intercept Internet Explorer downloads.

If the flag is set, then IDA will intercept all Internet Explorer downloads if the Alt key is pressed and ignore all downloads if the Ctrl key is pressed.

Automatically start download for files with the following extensions

The list of extensions for which Internet Download Accelerator will intercept Internet Explorer downloads or start a download when a link to a file with one of the specified extensions appears in the clipboard.
( i ) For changes to take effect close and then open again the Internet Explorer window.

Do not intercept downloads from the following sites

The list of sites from which IDA will not intercept Internet Explorer downloads.
( i )
If extended integration is enabled then in most cases downloads will be intercepted regardless of the specified list (Internet Explorer 6.0 and above only). However even if extended integration is enabled some sites will be ignored correctly, for example sites with scripts as exe-files.

Guaranteed link capture
If you want to provide guaranteed link capture by IDA on your site (for MSIE) you can use the following request parameter (download=ida). To transfer a file description to the program use (description=...). For example: XPstyle__Creator Egik;

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