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Options - Downloads - Misc

Get date and time of file creation from the server
The file will be saved with date and time received from the server.

Update descript.ion file when saving downloaded file
Save the information about a downloaded file to a descript.ion file.
( i )
This file is used by many popular file managers (FAR, Total Commander) to display descriptions of file in the current folder.

      Use DOS/OEM encoding for the descript.ion file
The description file named descript.ion will be saved in DOS/OEM encoding. Otherwise it will be saved in your current Windows encoding.

Create a separate description file for every download (*.txt)
That will save all information on your downloaded file to the text file (format is: name_of_your_file.txt).

      Only if the description exists
A text file with download description will be created only if the description exists for a download.

Automatically rename downloads on filename(s) math
Enable this option for IDA to autonatically rename a download if an active download with the same name exists in the download list.

Automatically rename files on filename(s) math
If this flag is set, IDA will automatically change the file name, if a file with the same name already exists on the disk in the folder to which the downloaded file is saved.

Get file size after adding download
If the flag is set IDA will automatically get the size of a file from the server immediately after you have added a download to the list.
( i ) To insert a download description you can drag text from another program (Drag&Drop) or you can select text in the browser before starting download (it works for IE and IE-based browsers).

Get ZIP archive contents on download start
Show ZIP archive contents review window. Here you can choose files you want to download.
( i ) This option may not work for some archives.

      Show ZIP archive contents review window
If this flag is set, then IDA will automatically show ZIP-archive contents preview window where you'll be able to choose
files which you wish to download.
( i ) This option may not work for some archives.

Restart download if file date changed (Last-Modified field)
If this option is checked Internet Download Accelerator will automatically restart download if the date of the creation of a file being downloaded has changed during download.

Automatically delete completed downloads
If this checkbox is checked all finished downloads will be deleted from the download list.

Use "History" when checking if a file has been previously downloaded
If this option is set, IDA will check in the history whether the file has been previously downloded and it exists on the disk.
( i ) If the history file is big, it may take a lot of time.

Download html-pages with images
If the flag is set then when downloading html-pages IDA will also download images displayed on this page.
( i ) In the folder to which a page was downloaded IDA will create a subfolder with the download server name. IDA will save images and the page itself to this subfolder so as the page with images can be displayed correctly.

      Ask confirmation for adding images
If the flag is set then when downloading html-pages with images IDA will ask confirmation for downloading images.

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