Internet Download Accelerator Plug-in

Plug-in for IDA integration into Firefox
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Firefox plug-in features
  • Download a file with Internet Download Accelerator;
  • Download all files from the current page with Internet Download Accelerator;
  • Browser downloads interception;
  • Minimal file size to be downloaded with IDA;
  • Send to Internet Download Accelerator Referer and Cookies for the files to download;
  • Unique feature! If you visit a site with videos, which can be downloaded by IDA, the extension button will change its appearance. You can click it and choose Download video to download videos with IDA. To activate the button you might need to start playing video);
  • IDATop search from the context menu;
  • Shortcuts to enable or disable link interception;
  • Automatic update.

To download the latest IDA version or get more detail on IDA please visit:

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